His Name Was Kenny

A normal week day takes me traveling the same route at the same time each day.  Familiar landmarks, annoying stop lights, endless traffic, and faceless people.

One day, while waiting for the red light to change, I saw a homeless person on the corner, like I had so many other days, hoodie hanging loosely around his head, and a short beard warming his face.  I had never spoken to any person on a corner.

Looking into his eyes, I felt unusually compelled to roll down my window and ask him his name.  He said, “Kenny.”  I told him my name was “Michelle” and I said I would pray for him as I gave him some money. I asked him to pray for me too.  He paused, and then he said, “Michelle, really, I have been praying for you for a few months.” He continued, “a man in a red car, with white hair and beard came by one day and asked me to pray for you.  He said you hadn’t been feeling well and had to go to the hospital for tests.”  He then said, to me “Are you feeling better?  You look like you are.”  I skeptically answered that I was better and thanked him for his prayers.

How did he know that?  His description of the man matched my husband and only he knew of my health issues.  The light changed, I rolled up my window and left but couldn’t stop thinking of what just happened.  I called my husband to ask if he had asked a homeless man to pray for me.  Bewildered by the question, I explained what had happened and he answered, “No, I did not ask the homeless man to pray for you.”  Suddenly, I was compelled to turn around and drive back to the corner, so I did.   Kenny was gone.

Was my encounter with Kenny a chance meeting?  My heart says No.  I am so grateful for those few moments of conversation.  They changed my life.  I remember being filled with a surge of hope and an indescribable realization that God speaks to me in unexplainable ways.

Since then, I have spoken and given money and water to people on the corner and have received more than I have given.  I am thankful for the lesson Kenny taught me that day and most especially for the message he brought me.  Am I ever to see him again? I certainly hope so.  I do look for him.  I believe there are countless numbers of God’s messengers out there, like Kenny, just waiting for the right moment.  l will wait and watch in anticipation.