Birth Choice is now Willow Pregnancy Support.

For years, you’ve helped us build a legacy of life. Now join us as we look toward an exciting

Future of Growth.

For more than 40 years, Birth choice has been the calming voice of support for women facing unexpected pregnancy. No woman should have to go it alone.

Because of our community of caring staff, volunteers, and supporters, no woman has to. We’ve given countless women the support they need to bring the gift of life into the world.

To set the stage for our future of growth, we’re rebranding to lead the conversation, provide clarity about our services, and appeal to a new generation of clients, volunteers, and supporters. Today we rededicate ourselves as guardians of life, caregivers to women of all backgrounds, and advocates for children who have yet to be born. Although we are changing our name our heart and mission remain the same.


The story behind the brand

Permanence and Revival

Willow trees are known for their grace, flexibility, and resilience. The Willow maintains a life force in Ezekiel 17:5 where the prophet “plants a fruitful seed and sets it like a willow tree”, suggesting permanence and revival.

Growth and Community

The branch in the logo suggests physical, spiritual, and emotional growth. The leaves symbolize a community growing around a single purpose.

Wisdom and Devotion

The color purple combines the calm stability of blue with the fierce energy of red. Together these colors bring about a sense of wisdom, devotion, and femininity.

Greater Connection to Rose Home

With a family of plant based names Willow now connects the organization more closely with Rose Home. The plant motif gives a theme and a direction for the names of the future programs and services to be tied back to the parent organization.


As we celebrate our legacy of life we are envisioning a future of growth.

Let’s grow together.